Israel thanks India for the cooperation extended in Coronavirus control

Jerusalem: – Coronavirus has claimed more than 100 lives in Israel and the number of cases has crossed 10,000. In this scenario, Israel, who is fighting the horrible Coronavirus pandemic, has expressed gratitude towards India for the cooperation extended. India supplied five tonnes of Hydroxychloroquine, used in the treatment of Coronavirus, to Israel. In view of this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked India. 

103 patients have died in the Coronavirus pandemic, in Israel and there are 10,878 cases in the country. Israel had made a demand of Hydroxychloroquine to India, for treatment of these patients. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a telephonic talk with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the subject. Against this background, India supplied five tonnes of Hydroxychloroquine to Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister thanked India for this gesture. The Israeli Prime Minister has posted a message on the social media ‘Thanks to India, the friend of Israel and Prime Minister Modi! Thank you for sending Hydroxychloroquine to Israel!’

The pandemic seems to be spreading even in the Middle East. 88 patients have died in the Middle East, in the pandemic and there are nearly 13,200 cases of Coronavirus. Among these Middle Eastern countries, India has sent medical aid to Kuwait. A delegation of 15 doctors reached Kuwait on Friday.

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