Indonesian passenger liner crashes in the sea, 189 passengers feared killed

Jakarta: A passenger liner of Lion Air Flight crashed in the marine region near Jakarta, and it is claimed that all the 189 people onboard the aircraft are dead. There was a senior finance ministry official among the dead. As per the information received, the plane crashed due to a technical snag. The aircraft had been purchased just two years ago.

indonesia, passemger, crashThe flight JT-610 in a Boing 737 Max 8 took off from the Jakarta international airport on route to Sumatra island. The flight was already delayed by about an hour at the Jakarta airport. The local agencies informed that the delay was due to a technical snag that had developed during the previous flight. The pilot contacted the control tower within three minutes after taking off for Pangkal Pinang in Sumatra. The pilot asked permission to return saying that the technical snag had reappeared.

Within the next 13 minutes, the aeroplane disappeared from the radar and lost contact with the control tower. Within the next few minutes, the plane crashed into the sea near Jakarta. As per the information revealed by the control tower, the aircraft had attained extremely high speed before crashing. There were 189 passengers in the aircraft. These included a woman, a child and 23 government officials. Dead bodies, identity documents and other possessions of some of the passengers and parts of the wreckage of the aircraft have been found.

The plane was in service only for the last two years and had clocked only around 800 flying hours. Therefore, the technical snag developing in the aircraft has surprised experts. Moreover, the Indian origin Pilot, Bhavye Suneja also had vast flying experience. As per the international media, it is intriguing that the horrible accident occurred despite this.

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