Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Bajwa on Russia visit

Islamabad: Even as the National Security Advisor of Pakistan, Nasir Khan Janjua is still on his visit to Russia, the Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa has also arrived in Russia. He met with the Russian Army chief General Valery Gerasimov. The Russian Army chief praised Pakistan for their performance in the anti-terrorism war. The Pakistan Army Chief made a suggestive statement that Pakistan expected Russia to give up the cold war mentality and cooperate with Pakistan.

The military cooperation is growing between Pakistan and Russia and the keenness shown by both the countries in this regard, is a cause of concern for India. The visit by Army Chief Bajwa at a time when National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua is already in Russia, has attracted the attention of the world. More importantly, the Russian Army Chief has certified that Pakistan is playing an important role in the fight against terrorism. India, the United States and Afghanistan have accused Pakistan of not fighting against terror but alongside the terrorists. Leaving aside the exception of China and to a certain extent Turkey, nobody else is willing to take Pakistan’s side over the terrorism issue. Against this backdrop, the praise expressed by Russia in favour of Pakistan indicates that Russia is deviating from its traditional policies.

While speaking about the meeting, General Bajwa expressed that South Asia is still under the influence of the cold war mentality. The General said that Pakistan wanted to give up this cold war mentality and although it had supported the United States during the cold war, the situation has changed now.