Indian Army attacks terrorist bases in PoK, sources claim ‘Pinpoint Strikes’

New Delhi: The Indian Army launched precise attacks on the terrorist bases in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Although the details of the attacks have not been revealed, sources informed that the terrorist bases suffered massive losses in the attacks. It has also not been revealed as to when the attack was carried out. The Indian Amy seems to be taking precautions to deny Pakistan the opportunity to make a fuss, on the international level, that India is planning to attack Pakistan.

Indian Army attacks terrorist bases in PoK, sources claim ‘Pinpoint Strikes’Pakistan has intensified firing and mortar shelling in the border regions since the last few days. The Pakistan conspiracy was to infiltrate the maximum number of terrorists into India before the freezing winter starts. The Pakistan military is targeting civilian settlements to teach a lesson to the population in the border area for standing with India against Pakistan. Four soldiers and four civilians were martyred in the Pakistani firing on last Friday in northern Kashmir.

11 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the retaliation by the Indian Army. Even after that, inciting firing and mortar shelling continued from the Pakistani side. While this conflict is on at the LoC, pro-military analysts and journalists in Pakistan are speaking a language of teaching India a lesson. The hate-India brigade of journalists and analysts believes that unless terror attacks are carried out in Jammu and Kashmir, the attention of the world will not be drawn to Jammu and Kashmir. Against this background, the Pakistan military seems to have intensified firing and attempts for terrorist infiltrations. The Indian Army has shown alertness to stop terrorist infiltration by foiling the Pakistani plans. Still, the Pakistani attempts for infiltration from the terrorist bases in PoK continue. Therefore, India launched Pinpoint Strikes on the terrorist bases in PoK, based on the inputs received from the intelligence agencies. India did not suffer any losses in these attacks. But the terrorists have been rocked with these attacks. India has made aggressive changes to the policies regarding the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. According to this, the terrorists from Jammu and Kashmir are being traced and killed, and aggressive military policies are being implemented to stop the infiltration of the Pakistan-sponsored terrorists. Accordingly, India seems to be realising the warning by carrying out Pinpoint Strikes on the terrorist bases in PoK. But India has taken the precaution not to allow Pakistan an opportunity to make a fuss that India launched an attack on Pakistan, citing this action.

The Indian military gave a very cautious reaction following the reports of the army attacks on terrorist bases in PoK. The Army clarified that no such attack was carried out today. But in the meantime, Indian Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Mukund Naravane, asserted that not a single terrorist, trying to infiltrate into India, will go back alive. This warning by the Army Chief, following the killing of four terrorists in Nagrota by the Indian security forces, is timed to perfection.

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