India to purchase 72,000 Sig 716 assault rifles from US

New Delhi: – It is reported that against the background of the India-China tension, the Indian Army will be purchasing 72,000 ‘Sig 716 Assault Rifles’ from the United States. The United States had supplied these rifles in December, last year. Thereafter, another 72,000 ‘Sig 716 Assault Rifles’ are being purchased from the United States.  


Following the Chinese betrayal, the tension in the Ladakh region has been heightened. Against this background, the Indian government has prioritised purchase of military equipment to make the defence forces well-equipped. The union government has recently made a provision of ₹38.9 billion for defence equipment purchases. In this are included 33 fighter jets from Russia, 248 missiles for the Airforce and the Navy and other defence equipment. A few days ago, the defence ministry had ordered 16,000 Light Machine Guns from Israel. Now it is reported that an order for 72,000 ‘Sig 716’ rifles has been placed with the United States 

The Indian Army is purchasing these rifles under the fast track procurement program. Before this, the Indian Army purchased 72,000 Sig 716 rifles, in the last year. The soldiers in the northern command are being equipped with Sig 716 assault rifles, replacing the Insas rifles. These rifles will be issued to the soldiers involved in counter-terrorism activities and those deployed on the Line of Control in Jammu-Kashmir. The other defence forces will be equipped with AK-203 rifles. These rifles are being manufactured jointly by India and Russia, in the plant at Amethi. 

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