Echoes of India-Pakistan tension heard in the SAARC conference in New York

New York: An informal conference of the Foreign Ministers of SAARC countries was held in New York against the backdrop of the UN General Assembly meeting. The echoes of the tension between India and Pakistan were heard in this meeting. The Indian Foreign Minister retorted that terrorism is the biggest threat to international stability, peace and development. Foreign Minister Swaraj emphasised the need for elimination of terrorism and the environment conducive for terrorism.

Informal meeting of SAARC with India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan was held in New York. The foreign Ministers of the member countries attended the meeting. Speaking at this time, Indian Foreign Minister delivered crushing blows to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism without naming Pakistan. Alleging that terrorism is the biggest threat to stability, peace and development, not only in South Asia but in the entire world, Sushma Swaraj advocated a harsh action against terrorism.

india, pakistan, new york, saarcForeign Minister Swaraj asserted during the meeting that it is necessary to annihilate terrorism and the environment that fosters terrorism, without any discrimination. Swaraj gave clear indications that the Pakistan policy to sponsor terrorism was coming in the way of development and cooperation in South Asia. Foreign Minister Swaraj left the meeting as soon as she finished her speech. Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke after her. He spewed fire indirectly at India saying that it is not Pakistan, but another country that is coming in the way of cooperation in South Asia, Foreign Minister Qureshi also expressed displeasure that there was not even an informal meeting with his Indian counterpart.

However, it is being said that the walking out of Foreign Minister Swaraj after her speech, was nothing extraordinary as the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and Bangladesh also did the same. Meanwhile, India had accepted the Pakistani proposal of an informal meetings between the Foreign Ministers against the backdrop of the UN General Assembly meeting, but had also warned that the meeting will not have any bilateral discussions. But after it was revealed that the orders for abduction and killing of the three policemen in Jammu and Kashmir were issued by Pakistan’s ISI, India had cancelled the proposed meeting. Pakistan will never improve, was the criticism made by the Indian Foreign Ministry.

The Indian government has been issuing stern warnings that the double standards of Pakistan of forwarding a proposal for discussions on one hand and continuing with terror activities on the other, will not be tolerated henceforth. There is a clear indication from the Indian government that India does not wish to award any dignity to Pakistan by coming to the negotiation table. Pakistan is politically cornered because of this and the new Pakistani Prime Minister is being criticised from within his own county for forwarding a proposal for discussions to India without any clear agenda.

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