India’s ‘MILAN 2018’ naval exercise commences

Port Blair: The joint maritime exercise ‘Milan 2018’ organised by the Indian Navy has started. 16 nations have participated in the exercise and this is seen as a showcase for demonstration of the strength and effectiveness of the Indian navy. The experts have said that India is using this as a reply to China who is trying to challenge the natural Indian influence in the Indian Ocean region.

indian navy, milan, exerciesOman along with the countries Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Mauritius, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has participated in the exercise for the first time. India has been organising MILAN maritime exercises since 1995. It is said that stopping of the illegal activities in the ocean region and increasing regional co-operation are the main objectives behind the exercises.

The Chinese movements have increased to a great extent in the Indian ocean and the Bay of Bengal, since the last year. China has supported its naval movements and the Chinese military analysts have claimed that Bay of Bengal is not India’s ‘back yard’.

The aggressive Chinese policy seems to be challenging India by entering the region of its dominance. The importance of the preparedness and the movements of the Indian Navy in the Indian ocean region increases many fold.

The Indian Navy is keeping a close watch on the Chinese movements and exhibiting its strength at the appropriate times. The participation by 16 nations in the Milan maritime exercise has underlined the Indian Influence.

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