US’s ‘Wars for Democracy’ will soon hit Russia, warns Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Moscow: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has alleged that the US policies are responsible for all the disruptions in the countries Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine and warned that the United States will spark a similar kind of a conflict in Russia too. He also claimed that the United States is interfering in the internal processes in Russia. The Russian analysts and officials have pointed out that the Russian Presidential elections are a few months away and this could be use to give Russian regime a setback.

US, war, russia‘The United States has created anarchy in many countries to fulfil its own political objectives under the pretext of the conflict for democracy. Because of this US policy, there are conflicts in some countries for the last 20 years and the countries have been devastated,’ alleged Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister targeting the United States said, ”Yugoslavia is non-existent. There is fierce conflict in Libya and Iraq. The incidents in Ukraine cannot be ignored.”

Ryabkov warned that the policy of interference followed by the United States in the Gulf countries and Europe can be implemented even in Russia. ‘As the United States feels that Russia is a threat for its world dominance and therefore the policies implemented in the other countries can be followed for Russia,’ warned Ryabkov. While expressing these concerns in the upper house of the Russian parliament, a report about the foreign funding to the Russian voluntary organisations was also submitted.

The report warns that the level of funding to the Russian organisations is on the rise and more and more secret ways are used for this purpose. Finger has been pointed to the United States for this funding and it is alleged that there are efforts to interfere in the Russian elections. Russian President Vladimir Putin also had drawn attention to increasing foreign interference in Russian affairs.

This is the fourth time President Vladimir Putin will contest the elections and his victory seems certain. It is believed that the United States is supporting the candidates and groups in Russia, contesting the elections against Putin.

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