India invites US companies to invest in its energy sector

New Delhi: India has invited US companies to develop key natural gas facilities. On Thursday, the United States and India held a ‘Strategic Energy Partnership’ discussion via video conference. At the time, Union Petroleum Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, invited the US companies in the presence of US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster.    

india-fuel Moreover, the US ambassador to India, Juster recognised that energy component is emerging as a key constituent of the India-US strategic partnership. Also, both nations agreed on increasing cooperation in the sector of natural gas. In June, India and the United States discussed the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which was reviewed in the recent meeting too.    

In February, US President Donald Trump, during his visit to India, had signed a deal to export natural gas to India. For this, India has started making extensive moves to develop a gas pipeline network. Moreover, India will increase the fuel import of the United States. Against this background, the Indian appeal to the US companies stands significant. Thus, it is faithfully being expressed that the India-US cooperation in the fuel sector will rise furthermore. 

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