How much longer will India have to wait for permanent UNSC seat – PM Modi lashes out at UN

New Delhi: – It is being said that the third world war has not started. But many wars are being fought in the world; there are bilateral conflicts between many countries with massive bloodshed. Many casualties have been reported. The United Nations has failed to stop this. The United Nations could not take effective actions even during the current Coronavirus crisis. The Indian Prime Minister assertively presented a stand for reforms in the United Nations, pointing at these failures. At the same time, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posed a question ‘How long should India, the largest democracy of the world, wait for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council?’  

UNSCThe Indian Prime Minister congratulated the United Nations, on behalf of the countrymen, for completion of 75 years. India is a country with the highest regard for the United Nations and this is not true for all the countries. Despite this, India, the largest democracy in the world, is denied a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. There is a need to implement the reforms necessary for this purpose. The Prime Minister reprimanded that otherwise the power of these reforms will be lost. Recorded speech of the Indian Prime Minister was played in the UN General Assembly. Prime Minister reminded of the Indian contributions to the United Nations, in the speech.  

India led global finance for many centuries. It also experienced the pain of slavery for some centuries. Despite being strong, India never attacked any other country, nor did it become a burden on anyone else during the helpless times. The ancient Indian traditions and value systems and the principles of formation of the United Nations are perfectly relevant. The Prime Minister expressed regret that despite this, non-inclusion of India, in the decision-making process of the United Nations is very unfortunate. The United Nations has been at a loss because of this. The Prime Minister emphasised that it is necessary to implement requisite reforms, taking cognisance of the fact that there is a vast difference between the world of 1945 and today.   

Prime Minister Modi said during the speech that although India is a sponsor of peace, India will never hesitate to raise voice against the anti-humanity activities like terrorism, arms smuggling, narcotics trade and black money transactions. India will be taking over as the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council from 1st January 2021. The Prime Minister thanked all the countries that voted for India and assured that India would prove that their faith is not misplaced. The Prime Minister also underlined that India has sent its soldier for 50 UN peace Keeping missions and India had to lose a large number of soldiers during these missions. India also supplied medicines to 150 countries during the coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister said that the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign has been started since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and expressed confidence that this will majorly benefit the Indian economy. The Indian Prime Minister asserted that the permanent seat of the UNSC is an Indian right, in precise words. At the same time, the Prime Minister also pointed out that the United Nations will not be able to ignore the Indian demand for a long time.   

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