Google to invest $10 billion in India

New Delhi: – Google is planning to invest $10 billion (₹750 billion) in India. Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google, made this big announcement during the virtual conference ‘Google for India’. Before this, on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sunder Pichai discussed varied issues via videoconferencing. The announcement made by Sunder Pichai, within a few hours of the discussions, becomes significant.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sunder Pichai discussed varied issues on Monday in the morning. Prime Minister Modi and Pichai discussed the huge challenges posed by Coronavirus and the changing work culture. Prime Minister Modi said that other than these, issues such as data security, cybersecurity and digitisation also were discussed. Prime Minister Modi clarified on the social media that he also discussed regarding Changing lives of farmers, youth and entrepreneurs using technology.   

Within few hours of this discussion, Pichai announced in the Google for India virtual conference that Google will be making investments worth $10 billion (₹750 billion) in India, over the next five years. This investment will be in the form of a ‘Digitisation Fund’ to provide an impetus to the Indian digital economy. Pichai said that this investment would be in equity, partnerships and infrastructural facilities.   

Google will be paying attention to four issues through this digitisation initiative, making information available to the Indian population in their mother tongue, reaching the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to the sectors like agriculture, health and education. Sundar Pichai added that Google would stress on developing digital products depending on the needs of India. 

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