Army in the North-East would focus on conventional warfare on the northeastern border, Chief of Staff, General Naravane

New Delhi: The number of soldiers deployed on the northeastern border to counter the rebel and terrorist activities and internal security issues, will be reduced in stages. Chief of military staff, General Manoj Naravane said that the military would be focusing on conventional warfare rather than on internal security. China has intensified its military activities near the Indian Border. Against this background, General Naravane’s statement becomes significant.

Recently, the government signed a peace agreement with the Bodo rebel organisations in India. Some other rebel organisations also are in discussions with the Union government. The rebel and terror attacks have considerably reduced, and currently, peace prevails in the northeastern states. While speaking against this background, General Naravane informed that the number of military soldiers deployed in northeast India for internal security purposes would be reduced.

Army in the North-East would focus on conventional warfare on the northeastern border, Chief of Staff, General NaravaneTwo Battalions of the military have already been withdrawn from the northeast. After the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) elections, the deployment will be reduced further. General Naravane clarified that in the next two to two and a half years, the military will be shifting its complete focus to conventional warfare from campaigns against rebels and terrorists. He further asserted that the military objectives are long term in this respect.

General Naravane clarified while talking to a news agency that shortage of weaponry is history, the situation has changed now. The military is buying new weapons and defence systems. Stating that it is necessary to keep the military, always prepared for war, General Naravane claimed that the army is prepared for any action. After taking over as the Chief of Staff, he had said that there is a need to provide special attention to the areas near the Chinese border.

The Indian military is showing sensitivity towards the Chinese military, and it is clear that aggressive Chinese activities are responsible for this. China has developed infrastructural facilities for its soldiers near the border. India has taken serious cognisance of the matter, and the military has repeatedly assured that the Chinese activities are being watched closely.

Against this background, General Naravane clearly indicated increasing war preparedness on the Chinese border region. In other words, General Naravane indicated that defence preparedness in the region would maintain a balance between the two countries and peace can be ensured.

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