US and Indian companies collaborate for the development of Coronavirus vaccine: Indian Ambassador to the US.

Washington: – Indian Ambassador to the United States said that companies from India and the United States are working in partnership, to develop the vaccine for Coronavirus and the process is in its final stages. Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu said that the companies from both these countries are developing a minimum of three vaccines for Coronavirus.

Cooperation between the Indian companies ‘Indian Centre for Medical Research and Education’ (ICMER) and ‘Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’ with the ‘Institute for Health’ from the United States, is proving to be beneficial in the fight against Coronavirus. These three companies had worked together on the Rota Virus. At that time, the information had been exchanged between these companies. But in this battle against Coronavirus, the cooperation has reached the next stage.

Sandhu informed that these three companies have come together to develop three vaccines to eradicate Coronavirus. The level of success cannot be predicted at this time, but Sandhu made a suggestive statement that the leaders of both countries are having a constant dialogue over the issue. At the same time, Sandhu Said ‘India is capable of exporting medicines on a massive scale and it is clear with the experience in the last few months, of this crisis, that the other countries can have faith in India. The United States also has experienced Indian cooperation and even the people in the United States, trust India.

China, who is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic, has become an unpopular country in the world and on the other hand, India, supplying Hydroxychloroquine to the world, has become a popular country. This has enhanced the reputation of the Indian drug manufacturing companies and the advances made by India in the field of medicine. A South Korean medical researcher had said that if a vaccine is successfully developed against Coronavirus, India will have a major contribution, in the matter, as 90% of the vaccines are manufactured in India. India is majorly benefited from this and the Indian image is brightened further on the international level.

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