Chinese attempt to change the status quo on border will not be tolerated: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: – Defence Minister Rajnath Singh presented the official stand of the Indian government, regarding the developments on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in measured and forthright words. The Defence Minister warned China by saying, ‘China is violating the agreement between the two countries by unilaterally trying to change the LAC. India will never tolerate that. One should not be under the illusion that India will compromise on its sovereignty.’  

While speaking in the Parliament, Rajnath Singh said that the talks are being held with China to solve the border dispute and expressed the Indian determination to resolve it through negotiations. At the same time, the Defence Minister presented, in the parliamentary language, that China, who is insisting on talks on the face, is actually betraying India with intrusions on the LAC. Indian intelligence department, military intelligence and other departments connected with security have exposed that China is making massive assemblies of military and weapon systems on the LAC. Rajnath Singh said that India has increased its military deployment on the LAC as a precautionary measure.   

On 15th of June, 20 soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were killed in a cowardly attack by the Chinese military. The Defence Minister applauded the India soldiers saying, ‘The brave Indian soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice during the conflict. But at the same time, they inflicted humungous losses on China. The Indian soldiers demonstrated bravery, when it was required, during this conflict and exhibited restraint where necessary.’  

China made another attempt to change the situation on the LAC on 29th-30th August. Rajnath Singh warned China by saying that India intends to resolve the border dispute through negotiations. Still, India will not compromise on its sovereignty, and no one should have this illusion. Rajnath Singh clarified that there is a lot to talk about the developments on the LAC, but even if I wanted to, I could not speak due to security reasons. The repercussions of the parliamentary speech by Rajnath Singh have been heard in China.   

Chinese government mouthpiece, Global Times, is singing a threatening tune that China is open for peace as well as war. The mouthpiece of the Chinese communist regime is using the language similar to the one used by an irresponsible country like North Korea, and this only demonstrates the frustration of the Chinese communist regime. The newspaper bragged that the Chinese military is exhibiting restraint, but in a war scenario, the Chinese army will decimate the Indian army.  

The reality is that the Indian military is dominating the LAC and neutral observers around the globe have endorsed this. Indian population is standing firm behind its military, and the moral and bravery of the Indian army is at its peak. The Defence Minister emphasised that he has personally visited the soldiers on the border and has experienced this. The Chinese military is plagued with the lack of both these virtues. Therefore, China has recruited criminals, jail inmates, boxers and club fighters for the conflict with the Indian soldiers. This demonstrates the mental state and the lack of professionalism of the Chinese military. 

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