The US to restart Embassy in Jerusalem for Palestinians

Antony Blinken, Jerusalem, Mahmoud Abbas, Jerusalem,us secretary of state,us embassy jerusalem Occupied East Jerusalem, Middle East, Palestine,Israel-Palestine conflictRamallah – US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, announced that the United States would be restarting its High Commission in Jerusalem for the Palestinians. During his meeting with Palestine, Blinken clarified that President Mahmood Abbas that President Biden can decide the matter. Furthermore, he added that the decision would be taken only after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu consents. US Secretary of State is on a visit to the Middle East countries. On Tuesday, Secretary of State, Blinken, proceeded to West Bank from Israel and met President Mahmood Abbas. During the meeting, the Secretary of State informed that the United States would be sending aid worth millions of dollars to Palestine. Blinken also said that the High Commission would restart in Jerusalem for the Palestinians.


Although the US Secretary of State declared that the High Commission would be restarted for Palestinians, it is not so easy on the diplomatic front because Israeli consent is mandatory. The media are also pointing out that although US President Biden has announced the decision, it will be opposed in the United States itself on the judicial level.

In 2019, the US President, Donald Trump, moved the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. With this decision, President Trump had endorsed the Israeli rights over Jerusalem. Major repercussions of this decision were felt.

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