The Army Chief holds a conversation with the youth of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu : The Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat met and wished success to students from Jammu & Kashmir who have passed the ‘JEE Advanced’ entrance examination. He appealed to the youth of Jammu & Kashmir to give up violence and take up laptops and books in its stead.

In order to ensure that the youth of Kashmir do not fall prey to propaganda, are not misguided and that they are included in the mainstream, the Army has implemented a ‘Super 40’ scheme. Under this scheme, the Army provides guidance to those Kashmiri youngsters who wish to join the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Tutorials are held to help students succeed in the required ‘JEE Advanced’ entrance examination. The Army General met the students who successfully cleared this examination and gave them the persuasive message. 40 students are selected in the ‘Super 40’ initiative that the Army has implemented in Jammu & Kashmir. Two years ago, this programme was initiated under the name, ‘Super 30’; this programme is now called ‘Super 40’. This year, 36 boys and 2 girls from Jammu & Kashmir have passed the ‘JEE Advanced’ examination.

Meanwhile, the Army has also taken up a programme to take Kashmiri youngsters on educational tours to other states of India. Thus, it is hoped that these students will witness the progress that the rest of India has made, and will not be trapped by Separatist.

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