Arab Mafia infiltrates German police, warns senior police officials

Berlin: A senior German police official has made a shocking accusation that Arab criminal clans residing in Germany are trying to infiltrate the security system in the capital Berlin as well as other parts of the country. Bodo Pfalzgraf, the head of the Berlin branch of the ‘German Police Union’, demanded that the truth should be revealed to Germans.

Arab Mafia

A few days ago, a report published by the German Intelligence agencies, claimed Germany of being a centre for terrorists in Europe due to the ‘Open-door policy’ of Chancellor Merkel. Against this backdrop, the new allegation assumes significance.

Bodo Pfalzgraf, the head of the Berlin branch of the German Police Union, revealed the plans of the Arab mafia, in an interview he gave to the news broadcaster ‘ZDF’. “The Arab criminal clans residing in Germany have devised a strategy to infiltrate. Accordingly, some members of the clan have been purposely kept away from criminal activities. This has been  done in order to recruit these members in various security and state services”, accused Pfalzgraf.

He further claimed that these gangs have vital interest in knowing how the German government, administration and police services operate as well as are keen to acquire all the regarding information. He demanded German authorities to pay immediate and special attention to all these developments. ‘Admissions criteria for police enrolments need to be stricter and that these criteria have not been amended for many years. As a result, the police fail to meet contemporary realities’, criticized Pfalzgraf. 

The claim made by German police official has a background to an incident that has come to light recently. Last month, a female law-student of Arab descent had allegedly photographed some confidential documents from the police department. It was revealed that these photographs were then sent to an unknown contact via ‘messenger service’.

Following this incident, the German media published many more incidents of similar kind. This included an anonymous letter sent to the German police, accusing the police of opening the ranks to the criminal clans. Berlin police chief, Klaus Kandt, and Deputy Head of police, Margarete Koppers, have refuted all the allegations. They also claimed all accusations to be false in the special meeting of Berlin’s Parliament.

In the past year, various security and intelligence agencies of Germany have warned about the increasing threats of terrorism and have also admitted the major involvement of migrants. At the same time, it has come to the fore that  the security and law  measures  preventing terrorists are not suffice. On this background, the efforts made by Arab criminal clans in Germany to infiltrate the internal system, is increasing the threat to the security of Germany.