American Dow-Jones index shows record rise reaching over 25000 points

Washington: Dow-Jones, known to be one of the oldest stock exchange indices in the United States, showed a record increase reaching over 25000 point mark on Thursday. This rise in the index, based on the market performance of 30 leading American companies indicates the success of “Make American Great Again”, claimed President Donald Trump. Within one year since Trump was elected as President, the Dow-Jones index has leapt up by a whopping 7000 points.

American-Dow-Jones“Dow-Jones Industrial Average”, the leading stock index in the US took a leap and reached over 25000 points on Thursday. This is the first time that the “Dow-Jones” index has crossed the 25000 mark and its positive reverberations are already felt in the American financial markets. President Trump has given special consideration to this fact and has claimed that this was the impact of the decisions taken in the past year.

“When Americans dream freely, there is nothing that remains impossible. We will come together to make America great again, and this will happen much sooner than anybody’s expectations”, was Donald Trump’s reaction to the “Dow-Jones” performance. Trump also mentioned that the “Dow-Jones” index leapt up by 1000 points in just five weeks which is by far the fastest rate.

President Trump tweeted that this historical performance of “Dow-Jones” is an impact of the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda and a large number of jobs are being created in the country Trump also added that jobs creation and other positive developments have resulted in value generation of 6 trillion dollars in the US in the past one year. Trump continued to claim that the historic tax-reduction brought into force in the recent past has already begun to show results increasing the income and retirement benefits of American citizens.

Trump also forecasted that the historic performance of the “Dow-Jones” index of reaching over 25000 points shall soon achieve the target of going over 30000 points. Both, the media as well as the analysts opined that such a leap in the share markets index, right at the onset of the New Year, will prove to be a positive factor for President Trump. 

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