Afghanistan files complaint with UN against Pakistani attack

Kabul: Afghanistan has approached the United Nations against the Pakistani attacks on the Afghanistan border. Afghanistan has submitted a letter denouncing the Pakistani attacks in the UN Security Council. Ten people, including 4 Afghan soldiers, have been killed in these attacks. At the same time, a United Nations report claims that there are nearly 5,500 to 6,000 Pakistani terrorists are active in Afghanistan.

Pakistani attack

The conflict has flared up on the Afghan-Pakistan border, since the last two weeks. Pakistan military has launched attacks on the military posts and civilian settlements in the Kunar province in Afghanistan. Pakistan military is using artillery and rockets to attack and ten people have been killed in the attacks. Huge damages to house properties and other assets has been caused in the attacks. Afghan border security force has retaliatead strongly. Pakistan claimed that it did not suffer any losses in the Afghan retaliation.

Afghanistan had lodged a political protest against Pakistan. But the Pakistani attacks continued even after that. Finally, the Afghan Ambassador to the UN, Adela Raz, has registered an official complaint regarding the Pakistani attacks, through a letter. The letter says ‘Pakistan is involved in inciting activities on sovereign Afghan land. Pakistan is violating human rights and international regulations. Afghan government Strongly denounces these Pakistani activities.’ Afghanistan has also appealed to the United Nations to take serious cognisance of this matter.

Pakistani attack

Even in the past, Pakistan has carried out aggressive activities on the Afghan border. Afghanistan had approached the United Nations, even at that time. Allegations of Taliban involvement in these attacks are also being made. In 2017, there had been a major conflict between the militaries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both the sides had suffered major losses. The tension continued even after the conflict.

Meanwhile, as per a report published by the United Nations, there are nearly 5,500 to 6,000 Pakistani terrorists active in Afghanistan. Many of these terrorists are affiliated to Tehrik-e-Taliban. The report also says that Al Qaeda is operational in 12 Afghan provinces and more than 2,000 IS terrorists also are present in Afghanistan.

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