President-elect Ebrahim Raisi agrees to discuss nuclear deal only if it favours Iran

Tehran: – Ebrahim Raisi, President-elect of Iran, presented his policies clearly that Iran will not compromise on its nuclear program. Iran is not interested in discussing such a nuclear deal if the Iranian interests are not being guarded through negotiations. At the same time, Raisi emphasised that the missile program and support to the Shiite groups in the Middle East will also continue. Western media are claiming that this is a warning issued by President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi to the United States and European countries, with Iran’s expectations regarding the nuclear deal.   


Ebrahim Raisi, who won the Presidential elections, held last week, with a thumping majority, held talks with the media on Monday. The incumbent Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, is known to be a reformist and open to reconciliation with the world. But Ebrahim Raisi, a close confidant of the Iranian supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is an extreme hardliner. It is claimed that Ebrahim Raisi has been elected as the President only to implement the policies of Iranian supremo Ayatollah Khamenei. Therefore, the entire world was focused on the first media interaction of Ebrahim Raisi.   

By saying that the interests of the Iranian population are not linked only to the nuclear deal. Therefore, the Iranian foreign policy will not be restricted only to the nuclear deal. Iran will also establish cooperation with other countries in the world.’ Raisi reduced the importance of the nuclear deal. Raisi clarified that Iranian sovereignty and interests are of the highest priority. Iranian Supremo, Ayatollah Khamenei, having a vice-like grip on Iranian politics, also had presented the same stand in the past. President-elect Ebrahim Raisi presented the stance, the same as the supreme religious leaders, and indicated exit from the Vienna negotiations.   

Raisi blamed the United States and European Union for the current state of the nuclear deal. The future Iranian President claimed that the United States and European Union did not abide by the terms and conditions of the nuclear deal. Raisi also contended that the responsibility of participating in the nuclear deal and abiding by the regulations lies with the United States. At the same time, Raisi also clarified that there was no plan to meet US President Joe Biden to discuss the nuclear deal.   

Raisi also said that there would be no change in the Iranian missile program and the support for the armed Shiite groups in the Middle East. Western countries are demanding restrictions on the Iranian missile program along with the nuclear program. At the same time, the Middle Eastern countries had appealed to corner Iran over the issue of support to the Iran affiliated terrorist organisations, causing instability in the Gulf. But President-elect Raisi announced that Iran would not be making any compromises on these issues.   

Meanwhile, reports have been received that the Iranian representatives participating in the negotiations held in Vienna have been recalled.   

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