Biden’s Iran policy will destroy Israel: former US Ambassador Nikki Haley

Tel Aviv: – Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley launched a scathing attack on President Biden. She said that the efforts of US President Biden for the nuclear deal with Iran are nothing but a wish for the destruction of Israel. This will destroy not only Israel but also the world. 


Nikki Haley, who is on a visit to Israel, had a dialogue with the media after holding talks with the Israeli leaders. At this time, Haley clarified that the new government in Israel and the opposition parties there concur on the stand regarding the Iran nuclear program. Haley expressed a concern that while the Israeli leaders unanimously say that the Iranian nuclear program is a death bell for Israel, the Biden administration is busy reviving the Iran nuclear deal. Haley also pointed to the dangerous consequences of this decision.   

Haley lashed out at the Biden administration, who has withdrawn sanctions imposed against Iran. The efforts being made by the Biden administration to revive the Iran nuclear deal are disgusting. Because even after the deal, Iraagreementll not change its nuclear policies. Iran will not stop delivering threats of destruction to Israel and the United States. Therefore, it is mandatory to tighten the economic noose around Iran. Offering concessions in sanctions and opening the paths for financial assistance to Iran is like assisting the terrorists announcing the destruction of Israel. As this assistance given to Iran will be diverted to Hamas and Hezbollah.  

Haley, who functioned as the US Ambassador to the United Nations during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, also attacked the policies of the Biden administration regarding the Arab countries. Haley expressed annoyance ‘Biden needed to express gratitude towards the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, who signed the Abraham accord with Israel. But he has not still done that. Instead, Biden has jolted these Arab countries by initiating talks with Iran.’ Moreover, Haley also alerted about the perceived threats, to Israel, from Hamas and Hezbollah. Haley warned that Hamas attacks on Israel, was a child’s play, but Hezbollah can launch more horrific attacks.   

Biden will complete five months of assuming power in the next few days. During another interview, Haley accused that Biden has caused major losses to the United States on the economic, diplomatic and strategic fronts. Haley blamed that Biden is not willing to accept that Iran is responsible for the instability and terrorist activities in the Gulf.   

This has resulted in the United States losing the confidence of its allies. Haley accused that the Biden Administration is ‘Obama 2.0’, promoting all foreign policies of the Obama administration. A few days ago, former President Trump also fired a salvo at Biden. Trump said that the Hamas attack on Israel resulted from the Biden administration’s weak policies. Although it is a known fact that Iran is assisting Hamas, who attacked Israel, the Biden administration is still firm on the Iran nuclear deal. Therefore, resentment in the allies like Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries is rising.   

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