US withdraws certain sanctions imposed on Iran

Washington – US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had indicated that the pressure would be maintained on Iran saying that Iran has reached the breakout timeline for the atomic bomb, and hundreds of sanctions imposed against Iran cannot be withdrawn. Following this statement, reports are being received that the Biden administration has withdrawn certain sanctions against Iran. The Biden administration announced that sanctions against the Iranian national fuel company stand withdrawn. The US media is claiming that the withdrawal of these sanctions is an attempt to pacify Iran.


Iran nuclear deal,nuclear breakout time,Nuclear bomb,Antony Blinken,Ali Rabii,Joe Biden,Hassan RouhaniSince the last three months, the Iranian leaders claimed that the negotiations being held in Vienna would succeed, and sanctions against Iran will be withdrawn, and the nuclear deal will be signed in the next few weeks. The office of the Iranian President had expressed confidence that the nuclear agreement will be signed during the tenure of President Hassan Rouhani. Therefore, reports were being received that the Biden administration has prepared to withdraw sanctions against Iran and sign the nuclear deal.

US Secretary of State, Blinken, had claimed while speaking in front of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate, ‘Even if the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is revived with US participation, Iran will not get any relief from the sanctions imposed. The sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump will be in force.’ The US Secretary of State had insisted that except the nuclear program, sanctions imposed on missile development, support to terrorist organisations, activities creating instability cannot be withdrawn.

Within two days of the claims made by Blinken, the Biden administration withdrew certain sanctions imposed on Iran. Sanctions imposed on former officials of the National Iranian Oil Company and the companies in marine freight movement and those trading in petrochemical products have been withdrawn. Biden administration clarified that the sanctions were withdrawn because of the improvement in their transactions. At the same time, it was announced that sanctions would be removed similarly if there are improvements in Iranian behaviour.

Iran nuclear deal,nuclear breakout time,Nuclear bomb,Antony Blinken,Ali Rabii,Joe Biden,Hassan RouhaniCurrently, the negotiations in Vienna have stopped, and the process will restart in the next week. The US media is claiming that this withdrawal of sanctions is an effort by the Biden administration to pacify Iran before resuming the process. The decision of the Biden administration partially reflected on the international oil rates.

Meanwhile, reactions are expected from Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Saudi Arabian allies from the Gulf over this US decision of withdrawing sanctions imposed against Iran.

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