Israel retaliates to Hamas’s incendiary ballons – first action by new Israeli govt

Jerusalem – The Hamas terrorists launched balloon bomb attacks in the Israeli border areas. Israeli fighter jets attacked locations of Hamas in retaliation. This becomes the first action, in the Gaza Strip, by the Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid government, who assumed power only two days ago. The Bennett-Lapid government demonstrated that there is no change in the Israeli policies for counter-terrorism, despite the change of guard in the country.


Israel new PM,Naftali Bennett,Israel-Gaza conflict,Jerusalem,Jerusalem march,Flag Day,Yair Lapid,HezbollahThe Israeli population held a procession in Jerusalem to commemorate the Israeli victory against the neighbouring countries in the war fought in 1967. Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, objected to this procession. Hamas accused that this procession hurts the sentiments of the Palestinian people. On Tuesday in the evening, Hamas terrorists and their supporters launched ten balloon bomb attacks in the Israeli border regions. The attacks caused fires in the agricultural farms in the Israeli border areas. It is claimed that the locals suffered huge losses in these fires. The Israeli fighter jets carried out attacks on the Hamas locations in Gaza on Wednesday early morning in retaliation. The Israeli military informed that the planning centres of Hamas terrorists were destroyed in the attacks. The Israeli army accused that Hamas is inciting a new conflict by launching these balloon bomb attacks.

Israel new PM,Naftali Bennett,Israel-Gaza conflict,Jerusalem,Jerusalem march,Flag Day,Yair Lapid,HezbollahOnly two days ago, Hamas leaders warned Israel of a new conflict. Hamas has threatened to shower Israel with hundreds of rockets and missiles, just like the 10th of May. At the same time, some Hamas leaders warned of fiercer attacks. Reports have been received that the Israeli military has made elaborate preparations following these warnings. Defence Minister Benny Gantz has already issued orders as to which locations of Hamas are to be attacked in case there is an attack from the Gaza Strip. Therefore, Israel, too, seems to have prepared to retaliate against the Hamas attacks.

The coalition government of eight parties formed by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid assumed power only last Sunday. Prime Minister Bennett, who has served as a soldier in the commando unit, is the leader of a hardliner group. Two years ago, Bennett was the Chief of Staff in the Netanyahu government.

Israel new PM,Naftali Bennett,Israel-Gaza conflict,Jerusalem,Jerusalem march,Flag Day,Yair Lapid,HezbollahPrime Minister Bennett is a stronger hardliner than former Prime Minister Netanyahu, a bitter opponent of the dual country ideology and supporter of the constructions of settlements being carried out in the West Bank for Israeli refugees. But it is claimed that the seven coalition parties differ with Bennett on this stand. The coalition parties even include Arab parties.

Meanwhile, the entire world was waiting to see the stand of the Israeli government regarding Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, after the change of guard. With these attacks on the Hamas locations, the Bennett government has clarified that the counter-terrorism policies of Israel will remain the same.

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