Expansionist NATO will cause Europe to disintegrate again, warns Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow: – The expansionist policies of NATO, having the remnants of the conflicts in the Cold War era, have created an atmosphere of distrust and tension in Europe. The Russian President warned that, therefore, there are fears that Europe will be torn apart again. Stressing that Russia is a part of the European continent, Putin claimed that Russia and the European Union had taken many steps to strengthen bilateral ties. However, the Russian President warned that the situation is changing rapidly after the armed rebellion in Ukraine, and the threat of a new arms race has been created for European security.  


Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Nazi Germany, initiated the attack on Soviet Russia on 22nd June 1941. This has completed 80 years. On this occasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article for a German weekly presenting his views. He reminded in the report that Soviet Russia had defeated Nazi Germany and saved Europe from slavery.   

Pointing to the Cold War days after that, Putin notes that it was expected that end of the Cold War would bring victory for entire Europe. But instead, tensions started building in Europe, and the Russian President accused that NATO is responsible for it. President Putin criticised, ‘Over the last 22 years, 14 countries that were a part of erstwhile Soviet Russia have joined NATO. The possibility that the European continent will be free of disputes ended because of this expansionism.’ He also pointed out that many countries were forced to join NATO by giving ultimatums to either join the westerners or go with Russia.   

President Putin has appealed in the article that prosperity and security of Greater Europe are possible only through unified efforts, and these also include Russia. President Putin also pointed out that Russia is the largest country in Europe and is connected culturally and historically with Europe. He assured that Russia is open to an all-inclusive partnership with the European countries.  

European countries have imposed sanctions against Russia over Navalny and Ukraine issues. At the same time, incidents of the expulsion of Russian diplomats, accusing them of espionage, also have been reported. As a result, Russia has already warned that the relations between Russia and Europe are stretched to the limit, and if they snap, Europe will be responsible for it. Against this background, the Russian President presenting a stand for cooperating with Europe, in a German weekly, becomes significant.   

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