US Army’s Cyber Command may get a status of independent ‘Military Command’

US cyber commandIn 21st century, Cyber zone has become a battle field. Considering this the demand has been made that, ‘Cyber command should get the same status as an independent ‘Military Command’.  Along with government, US senators, senior officers and entrepreneurs in Cyber sector has supported these demands strongly. Currently, ‘US Cyber Command’ is working as a part of ‘US Strategic Command’. If given an independent command status, it is being said that US could launch aggressive cyber warfare.

In February this year ‘US Cyber Command’ openly declared cyber war against ISIS, terrorist organisation. US Deputy Defence Secretary Robert Work warned that they were attacking ISIS with cyber bombs. It is supposed to be the first campaign against ISIS by ‘Cyber Command’. For this campaign, a special task force is created and its responsibility is given to General-level military officer.

Only after this, demand for upgradation of ‘Cyber Command’ has been made. Currently US Cyber Command includes six thousand soldiers and officers, along with other public sector officers and contractors. This command is currently working with ‘National Security Agency’ and its responsibility is with Admiral Michael S. Rogers. Within a year Rogers, has championed the move to activate Cyber Command. Also cyber policy declared by President Barack Obama includes extra provision for funds for cyber warfare and sanctions on cyber criminals.

Next step of US’s aggressive cyber policy, is to give Military Command status to Cyber Command in active battlefield. Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, Admiral Rogers, Senator Dutch Ruppersburger, Manager of ‘Fort Meade Alliance’, Tim O’Ferrall had strongly supported Military Command status for Cyber Command. Now time has come to make an arrangement for Defence Department’s ‘Command for Cyber War’, is how Defence Minister Carter put the proposal forward for securing Military Command Status.

Meanwhile Admiral Rogers said, making Cyber Command as an independent Military Command will help Defence Policy and financial provisions. Thus Cyber Command could play its part more aggressively. Considering the risk for the US in the cyber field, giving Military Command status to Cyber Command will be more cogent, which in turn will help balancing defence and attack, explained senator Ruppersburger.

Today, ‘Northern Command’, Central Command’ and ‘Special Operations Command’ has got independent Military Command status in the US Army. Among these ‘Northern Command’ is responsible for US security whereas ‘Central Command’ is responsible for operations in Middle East while ‘Special Operations Command’ is responsible for special military operations worldwide.

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