China not holding back India’s membership of ‘NSG’

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister

Vice Foreign Minister of China – Liu Zhenmin stated that China is not trying to restrict entry of India to be member of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Liu Zhenmin clarified that all news pertaining to this are incorrect and mentioned that China is in talks with India on this topic. Although China may clarify as much on this issue, it is quite clear that China is striving for Pakistan to get the NSG membership along with India as well. China was trying all possible means to oppose India which has triggered a sense of displeasure against China amongst the Indian masses.China not holding back India’s membership of 'NSG'


Chinese Vice Foreign Minister – Liu Zhenmin in an interview to an Indian news agency mentioned that China was not trying to oppose entry of India to the NSG. China’s role in this matter is very clear’. China demands that all nations aspiring to be members of NSG should sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In this regards China is discussing this matter with all NSG member countries to find a suitable solution to this issue. Liu Zhenmin stated that China is also in talks with India on this topic.

India had earlier announced that it will not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Instead India demanded that they should be granted membership to NSG on the basis of being a responsible and competent nuclear state. All member nations except China are in agreement to this. China has played several roles to oppose the entry of India to NSG. If India gets membership of NSG without signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, then Pakistan as well should get the membership, is what China has been demanding.

China is propagating that along with India, Pakistan should also get NSG membership and if not both nations should be denied the same. Meanwhile US has expressed its displeasure over this and strongly warned China that the nuclear history of India and Pakistan cannot be compared. Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry also had appealed that their nation should get the membership of NSG. Chaudhry had stated that Pakistan as well has all the necessary qualification to be a member of the NSG.

It is difficult for a nation like Pakistan who has been proliferating nuclear technology to other nations, yet China is keen to get Pakistan membership to NSG. On the other hand it is restricting the entry of India to the group. China once again having compared India and Pakistan in this manner has showcased its great rivalry against India.

There is an enormous discontentment amongst the Indian population over this behavior of China and demands for a strongly reply are growing. China has profited in billions doing business with India for so long.

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