US willing to handover Tahawwur Rana to India

 New Delhi/Washington: – The Indian agencies had appealed to the United States, to handover Tahawwur Rana, an accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Against this background, the United States seems to be willing to extradite Rana. Fifteen days ago, the US agencies rearrested Tahawwur Rana. While opposing his bail application, the US attorney informed the court that there is a possibility of Rana being handed over to India. But at the same time, the US attorney also told the court that the other accused in the Mumbai attacks, David Coleman Headley, will not be handed over to India.  


Tahawwur Rana

Tahawwur Rana and David Headley, AKA Dawood Gilani, were a part of the Mumbai attack conspiracy. Preparations for this plot had started in 2006. Headley came to Mumbai and performed recce in Mumbai and passed sensitive information and location photographs to Lashkar-e-Taiba, in Pakistan. But Rana had convinced Headley to carry out this operation and Headley had confessed in his statement, through videoconferencing, in the US court that Rana had borne all the expenses for his trip.   

Tahawwur Rana is a retired officer from Pakistan military and the Indian agencies are trying to get his possession. The Indian agencies had made efforts to get Rana and Headley, even in the past. But the United States is now seemingly willing to handover Rana, but not Headley. This is clear from the statement made by the US attorney in the US court.  

Rana had been released from the US prison as he had contracted Coronavirus. But following the Indian request, the US agencies arrested him again on 10th June. Thereafter, reports were received quoting sources, that moves to handover Rana to India were being made. This is confirmed from the submission made by the US attorney in the US court. The United States court has handed out imprisonment of 35 years and 14 years to Headley and Rana, respectively. 

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