Russian military delegation on Pakistan visit

Islamabad: A Russian military delegation made a visit to Pakistan for the very first time. The Russian delegation surveyed Pakistan’s  North Waziristan which is adjacent to the Afghan border. The delegation was here to survey Pakistan’s campaign to fight against terrorism. However, concerns are being raised with respect to the increasing military cooperation between Russia and Pakistan which could prove to be a new warning bell for India.

The delegation of Russian army led by the Russian General ‘Israkov Sergi Yuryevich’, tried to get a first hand-information on the campaign run by Pakistani army to fight against terrorism. Pakistan’s Lt. Gen. Nazir Ahmed Butt briefed the Russian military delegation on this anti-terrorism campaign. Lt. Gen. Butt said that the Russian delegation appreciated the Pakistani army’s achievements in its fight against terrorism and its efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.

Last year in the month of September, a first-ever joint military exercise was held between Pakistan and Russia. This cooperation between Russia and Pakistan, the two nations who have stood against each other as enemy states in the cold war, is believed to be a cause for concern for India. Following this period, Russia  began attempts to improve its ties with Pakistan and also displayed willingness to supply helicopters and fighter planes to Pakistani defence forces. Defence analysts had given stern warnings to India in this regard.

Russia is traditionally a friend of India. However, experts have claimed that while Russia was displeased with India’s increasing closeness with the US, Russia’s increased cooperation with Pakistan seems to be a way of expressing its displeasure. Hence, diplomats have suggested that by enhancing its ties with the US as well as Russia while keeping its balance in its foreign policies, India would prove to be completely apt. However, it is believed that the growing military cooperation between Pakistan and Russian has made it evident that India has not been very successful in reassuring Russia.

Russia is taking assistance from Pakistan even over the issues concerning Afghanistan and has begun negotiation with Taliban. The US army officials have accused Russia of supplying arms to Taliban. India too has expressed its displeasure over the Taliban-Russia talks. Russia had disclosed that its talks with Taliban were only limited to putting a stop to the terrorist organisation ‘IS‘. Also, the Russian officials clarified that Russia is cooperating with Pakistan only to ensure that Afghanistan does not fall in the hands of the ‘IS’.

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