US gives proofs of Pakistan’s involvement in Pathankot attack to India


New Delhi: Pakistan had categorically refused to accept the evidence provided by India on the involvement of Pakistan in the Pathankot terrorist attack; however US refuted Pakistan’s claim and has submitted a 1000 page report to India’s NIA, highlighting Pathankot terrorists detailed chats with Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammad leaders. India’s Home Minister was planning to visit Pakistan for the SAARC meeting, when India got this report from US, which has strengthened India’s stand on this issue. India also gained more impetus on taking strict action on Jaish’s Maulana Massod Azhar, the mastermind behind Pathankot attack.

At the beginning of January, Jaish terrorists had attacked the air force base at Pathankot. It had been confirmed that these attackers were from Pakistan and that the attack was executed by Jaish. India had already given Pakistan, all the evidences indicating that the head of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Maulana Masood Azhar was the mastermind behind the Pathankot attacks. Amongst other proof given to Pakistan by India was a phone transcript of one of the terrorist’s call to his mother made from a mobile in India to Pakistan. Since then, Pakistan’s investigating team had come to India for further probing the attacks, but, never conducted a serious enough investigations and at the same time refused to take any action against Maulana Ma and rejected India’s request of taking strict action against Maulana Maosod Azhar while dismissing any charge against Jaish-e Mohammed.

Pakistan is now facing new challenges as it refused to acknowledge any of the evidences provided by India. Pathankot terrorists like “Naseer Hussain” “Abu Bakr” “Umar Farookh” and “Abdul Kayyum” infiltrated India and established contact with their leaders in Karachi, Pakistan through social network. These terrorists were fighting with Indian armed forces and simultaneously chatting for almost 80 hours with their terrorist leaders in Karachi. One of the Jaish handlers, known as “Kasif Jaan” was the one providing continuous instructions to these terrorists from Karachi.

As per the report presented, it had been mentioned that Kasif Jaan had extensively used social media for communicating with terrorists. The report also states that Mullah Dadullah, another terrorist, too used same method to communicate with Pathankot terrorists. Pakistan cannot ignore the extensive proofs provided in the report. US has submitted this report to India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) upon India’s request. 

Meanwhile, on 3rd August Pakistan is going to host the SAARC conference for Home Ministers. Central Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh will be going to Pakistan to attend this conference. It has been confirmed that he is not going to have any bilateral talks with Pakistani leaders. It is expected that Pakistan will feel some pressure as India has already received this report just before the conference.

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