US ready with cyber weapons for cyber attacks on Russia

Washington/Moscow: While it was being feared that Russia might carry out cyber attacks in the midst of the voting for the Presidential elections in the US, a sensational news has surfaced that the US was ready with cyber weapons to counter the Russian attacks.


US ready with cyber weapons for cyber attacks on Russia

The NBC news channel has claimed that the U.S. military hackers have managed to invade the Russian cyber-system. Reacting sharply on this, Russia has demanded that the US government should make its official stand clear.

Some days back, the US Intelligence and the Security Agencies had expressed fear that during the voting for the US Presidential elections on 8th November, Russia will once again carry out cyber attacks on a large scale. The news, appeared in media on this subject, had hinted that even though the cyber attacks by Russia are not going to alter the outcome of the elections, they might generate doubts about the authenticity of the result.  The White House had announced that it is prepared to give a befitting reply to the Russian cyber attacks. It had also been claimed last month that the US Intelligence Agency CIA had been entrusted the responsibility for the same.

US ready with cyber weapons for cyber attacks on Russia

On this backdrop, the news appeared in the American media about the counter-attacks on Russia, has created quite a stir. Citing the US intelligence agencies and cyber experts, the US news channel NBC has claimed that the US hackers have invaded the Russian cyber systems. It was claimed in the news that the US hackers have managed to invade the computer networks of the Russian administrative headquarters Kremlin, along with the computer networks controlling the telecommunication system as well as the electric grid. It is also claimed that if the US voting process is hampered by the cyber-attacks, cyber counter-attacks can be carried out on Russia with the help of these elements and that the US agencies have built ‘cyber-weapons’ for this purpose only.

The claims surfaced in the American media have attracted the severe wrath of Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zarakova has demanded that the US should issue clarifications about these claims. ‘If the US administration does not issue any official clarification, it may be inferred that the US is abetting the cyber-terrorism; and if cyber-attacks would be carried out on Russia, as suggested in these claims, the US shall be held responsible for the same’, said Zarakova in her statement.

The US agencies had openly alleged that it was Russia, who was behind the cyber attacks carried out in the past few months during the election campaigning, After that, it was known that the US President had entrusted CIA with the responsibility of preparing a plan regarding ‘secret cyber attacks’. Directions were given to carry out the series of cyber attacks in such a way that the Russian government would attract ignominy and its image will get tarnished. The latest claims appeared in the American media talk of ‘military hackers’ carrying out cyber attacks on Russia.

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