Indian Army destroys Pakistan’s Company Headquarters. 20 Pakistani Rangers killed at LoC

New Delhi: The Pakistani Army’s Company Headquarters was destroyed by the Indian Army across the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir when it used artillery guns for the first time in 13 years. It has been said that the attacks may have claimed the lives of 20 Pakistani Rangers. It has been stated that,  it is for the first time after the peace pact with Pakistan in 2003 that the Indian Army has used artillery guns. Due to this blow, the Pakistani Rangers – the para-military force, which guards the Pakistani-side of the border with India is now being taken over by the Pakistani Army.


Indian Army destroys Pakistan’s Company Headquarters

Last week, Pakistan’s ‘Border Action Team’ had dishonoured the bodies of the Indian martyrs by chopping-off their heads. As a result, the furious BSF and the Indian Army have fiercely retaliated against Pakistan’s actions. This has led to severe losses for Pakistan. Villages around Jammu & Kashmir’s LoC and the international borders are suffering immense damages due to the firing and shelling by the Pakistani soldiers. More than 80 lives have been lost and many more have been injured due to the Pakistani firing and shelling.

Recently the Indian Army has intensified its retaliations against the Pakistani Rangers and the army troops. The Indian Army has also used the artillery fire to destroy the Pakistani border-posts. It has been stated that the Company Headquarters of the Pakistani Army has been destructed along with the death of 20 of its soldiers. Although, it has been said that the numbers are above 40, there has been no evidence to it. Following the destruction of Company HQ, the Pakistani Army has taken over the border posts, which were formerly controlled by the Pakistani Rangers. It has been observed that the activities of the Pakistani military are increasing tremendously on the borders. Also, there seems to be a planned conspiracy behind the challenge it has given to India.

Pakistan’s Army Chief, Gen. Raheel Sharif would be retiring soon. He wants his term to be extended. But due to the tensions between the two countries, it seems difficult. For this reason, the Pakistani Army troops are increasing the tension along the Jammu-Kashmir border. This pretext could be used by General Sharif to claim that it would be difficult for him to step down from the position of a Army Chief. Hence, it can be seen that the conflicts at LoC and the international boundaries are being inflicted only due to the internal clashes for power in Pakistan.

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