US launches missile attacks on Syria, fires 60 Tomahawks on Syrian military airbase

Florida / Damascus: The US caused a sensation throughout the globe by launching 60 Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian military airbase at Homs. The US President warned that the Syrian military was responsible for the chemical attack that was launched on the city of Idlib three days ago and that this would not be tolerated. Against this backdrop,  the missile attacks had been launched on Idlib from the warships ‘USS Ross’ and ‘USS Porter’, deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The chemical attack was launched on Idlib on Tuesday. The attack claimed the lives of 100 people which also includes 30 children. The US President Donald Trump sharply reacted to these attacks by saying that his stance regarding the Syrian President Assad has changed. Prior to this, President Trump had said that the US will not prioritize Assad’s ouster. However, he warned that the situation had changed after the chemical attack and that they would be targeting the Syrian regime. Likewise, the  US Secretary of State urged Russia, who has up until now been defending the Syrian President Assad, to rethink upon its stance.

Amidst the fierce reactions that were emerging from around the world over the attacks on Idlib, the US navy launched missile attacks targeting Syrian military airbases on Friday morning. It is said that this attack has caused tremendous damage to the Syrian military base in Homs. The attack caused huge damage to Syrian air defence systems, fighter planes, hangars and a fuel depot. The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defence has claimed that this attack was only limited to the Shayrat airbase at Homs. The Pentagon informed that the airbase was targeted because the Syrian fighter planes at this airbase had launched chemical attacks on Idlib.

However, a Syrian news channel has claimed that the missile attacks were launched not only on Homs but also at other locations in Syria. This attack proves to be an attack on Syria itself, said the Syrian news channel.  Even though all the details of this attack have not yet been disclosed,  the Syrian military claims that 6 civilians have been killed in the attack.

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