Russia claims of being hit by a major cyber-attack; Govt, Defense organizations targeted

Moscow : Amidst allegations of Russia being behind the cyber-attack on the computer systems of the Democratic Party in US, the Russian security service ‘FSB’ (Federal Security Service) is claiming that a huge cyber-attack was targeted on Russia as well. It is claimed that the cyber-attack was very well planned and executed. 


Against this backdrop, the statements made by some of US ex-officials that the US ‘National Security Agency’ (NSA) can retaliate with similar cyber-counter attacks on the Russian Security systems, have caused turmoil.  

FSB has indicated that the computer systems of the Russian government departments, defense companies and 20 projects were targeted. Per FSB the computer systems were attacked by malwares.  The systems of almost 20 organizations have been infected with malware with a possible espionage intention. These organizations include Government Departments, defense companies and Scientific institutions. As per FSB, professional experts had well planned and executed the attack. 

Russia cyber attackFSB has disclosed that “malware” was sent as an email attachment. This cyber attack was found to be similarly coded to some of the previous cyber-attacks on Russia and other countries. The Russian Security Agency claims that an ‘Advanced Software’ was used to target the computers.  FSB in its representation has also revealed that the strategy was to use  malware to keep an eye on Internet transactions, recordings and for other surveying purposes.

At a time when Russia is being accused of carrying out cyber-attacks on computer systems of an American political party, the cyber-attack on Russia’s own computers is surely grabbing attention. Russia had dismissed the allegations that it was responsible for the cyber-attacks on US.

In the context of the cyber-attacks on Russia, some of US Intelligence Officers have signaled that NSA is capable of retaliating with cyber counter-attacks on Russian hackers and groups. The chief of the ‘Tailored Access Operations’ group in the NSA, Robert Joyce has stated they have the capability and are ready to launch such counter strikes. Ex NSA officer, Rajesh De has also supported the possibility of counter-attacks on Russia.

The incidents of back to back cyber-attacks on both US & Russia is showing that conflicts in the cyber space are getting intensified. US has taken a open stance on this matter and has revealed that it has built a ‘Cyber-Army’ as well as a ‘Cyber-Command’.

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