Russia announces new policy to combat cyber attacks

Moscow : Last week ‘FSB’, the intelligence agency of Russia, had issued a warning that the critical sectors of the country, including the banking sector, could face a cyber attack by foreign agencies. Following this, the Russian government has announced a new policy to combat cyber attacks. In case the need arises during a war situation, commissioning the Russian version of ‘Internet’ has been indicated in this policy.

Russia announces new policy to combat cyber attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given consent for the new policy in the cyber sector after which the same was publicised. Earlier in the year 2000, Russia had prepared its own independent cyber policy. The cyber threats posed to the nation have been mentioned in the policy prepared by Russia. It has also been claimed in the policy that the foreign agencies are trying to spread false information among the Russian citizens by making use of misinformation and psychological methods.

The internet companies, operational in Russia have been asked to setup their servers within the country only and providing information of the same to the local authorities has been made mandatory. Also, directives have been given to strive to automatically activate the ‘Russian Version’ of Internet if the need arises during a war situation. Russia’s political officials have been directed to put forth Russia’s IT policies intensively on the international platforms. Russian agencies have been ordered to update the entire systems related to cyber security.

Meanwhile, a senior Member of the US Parliament, Adam Schiff has alleged that the weak stance adopted by the US, was responsible for the said Russian cyber attacks during the US elections. Due to the meek response given by the US to the earlier cyber attacks by North Korea, Russia carried out the cyber attacks, said Schiff in his allegation.

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