Chinese propaganda on South China Sea in US’s Times Square

Beijing : In order to establish its claim on the entire South China Sea, China propagated by releasing a video in the US’s Times Square of New York city. The three and a half minute video communicates China’s own take in territorial dispute of South China Sea and to emphasis China’s historical authority over the South China Sea.


Times-squareThe Times Square area in New York City has big display screens on tall buildings that many International companies use for display advertising. Other information like the share market updates and general news are also displayed. The Times Square area is one of the main attractions of New York City. China has been booked a space of display to propagate its stand on South China Sea. The video glimpses of recordings of the construction work by China, the existing fishing business by Chinese boats, and opinions of figureheads relevant with the issue. In the video China has accused that the verdict given by the International Tribunal court is unlawful.

China has rented the displays for the propaganda video to be played for 120 times a day and also used also published it on social media sites.

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