BRICS calls for strong action against terrorism

Banavali: ‘The neighboring country of India is the mother of terrorism with all the terrorist organizations of the world linked to this nation’, in these words, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly condemned Pakistan in his speech at the BRICS summit. A tough stand has been taken against terrorism in the BRICS resolution also, which signifies a political victory for India. Although there is no direct mention of Pakistan in the resolution, it is apparent that India has successfully managed to use the BRICS platform to isolate Pakistan, because the phrase ‘cross-border terrorism’ clearly points finger towards Pakistan only.


BRICS calls for strong action against terrorism

The neighboring country is not only mothering terrorism, but is also nurturing the terrorism mindset. This country endorses the use of terrorist activities to achieve political goals, a dangerous trend. Those who encourage terrorism are equally dangerous as the terrorists themselves. Hence, Prime Minister Modi has taken an insistent stand that it is necessary to stop in a very systematic manner, the supply of money and weapons to terrorists, the military training that is being imparted to them and political backing provided to them. His stand received a full-fledged backing from BRICS, insomuch that even China which has never supported India‘s anti-terrorism stand till date, could not oppose this time, the joint statement of BRICS

The ‘Goa Declaration’ of BRICS has also taken a tough stand against terrorism. It has been declared in the Declaration that the member countries of the BRICS, in addition to strengthening their cooperation, will also give top priority to counter terrorism.

It has been agreed in the BRICS declaration that the regional and international stability and peace as well as the economic progress are being threatened by terrorism, radicalism and extremism.

The BRICS declaration has also stated that those who nurture and support terrorism and violence, are equally dangerous enemies as the terrorists. It is becoming apparent that the strong language used against terrorism in the declaration is due to India’s insistence for the same.

In the light of the terrorist attack at Uri and the aggressive political campaigning undertaken by India against Pakistan thereafter, the importance of the BRICS had increased.

For the last few days, it was being discussed whether India will be able to persuade other member countries to take tough stand against terrorism. It was also being debated heavily whether China will support India’s efforts or oppose them.

But soon after the BRICS declaration, condemning the menace of terrorism in strongest words and further stating that the action against the supporters of the terrorists should be given top priority, it is becoming clear that India’s efforts have evoked a good response.

In the meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech at BRICS, heavily criticized Pakistan, saying that the mother of terrorism is at India’s neighborhood only. He also drew attention of the BRICS member countries towards the fact that the international terrorism is being controlled from this country.  The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that BRICS has successfully carved a niche for itself on the global canvas. He also appreciated the recently established ‘New Development Bank’ and the disaster funding system, both established at the initiative of BRICS.

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