US aligning with India against Pakistan, alleges Parvez Musharraf

Islamabad: ‘India and the United States have aligned against Pakistan’, claimed former dictator of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf. He also complained that the United States befriends Pakistan whenever the need arises and then dumps it unceremoniously. Musharraf bitterly criticised this policy of the United States and said that it wasn’t right.


us, pakistan, india, parvez musharrafFormer dictator Musharraf has moved out of Pakistan to avoid the impending action against him and has been living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the past few months. He frequently expresses his opinions and discusses them with the media on issues related to Pakistan. Musharraf alleged that the United States and India have joined forces against Pakistan and criticised the policies of the United States. ‘Whenever there is a need, the United States turns friendly towards Pakistan and once the need is over, it pushes Pakistan away. The Pakistani people are not able to comprehend the reasons behind such behaviour of the United States. This is a totally inappropriate policy of the US’, said Musharraf in an interview with a Pakistani newspaper.

India and the United States have joined hands in Afghanistan and this can be major a threat to Pakistan. Musharraf claimed that both these countries are upset with Pakistan for the previous developments in Afghanistan and are taking a revenge. Musharraf also pointed out that United States had always favoured India since the days of the Cold War. The former dictator accused that this one-sided policy of the United States was inappropriate. Musharraf demanded that the United Nations (UN) should also observe the Indian actions in Afghanistan. Previously as well, Musharraf had baselessly claimed that India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan. But neither did he nor any other Pakistani leader could substantiate these accusations.

As of today, Pakistan is in shambles due to internal conflicts and the analysts are concerned about how many more weeks the country would be able to sustain itself in the severe economic crisis. Therefore, the analysts are appealing to the military and the political leaders to use all the energy and efforts to resolve the problems in Pakistan rather than fighting with each other.

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