US President indicates withdrawal of military from Syria

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Washington: US President Donald Trump indicated withdrawal of the US military from Syria saying ‘After historic victories against ISIS, it’s time to bring our great young people home! The United States is not a policeman of the Middle East.’ Elaborating on his statement, the White House said that it is the only withdrawal of the US military from Syria, but the campaign is Syria is not over. However, criticism has started in the United States that the military withdrawal by the United States will be a victory for Russia. Israel, as well as the Kurdish organisations in Syria, have expressed regret over the announcement by Trump.


A few days ago, US National Security Advisor, John Bolton asserted that the United States would not withdraw from Syria. Bolton had said that given the conflict against the IS and the situation in the Gulf, there is no question of withdrawal. But now, US President Trump has posted a video on Twitter and through the medium of Twitter has announced the withdrawal of the military from Syria.

President Trump announced military withdrawal from Syria saying ‘The United States has defeated IS in Syria. As a President, the only objective of keeping the US military in Syria was defeating IS. No one should feel surprised about the military withdrawal from Syria. I have always presented an aggressive stand on this issue. Six months ago, despite coming to close to the decision of withdrawal, I decided to extend the period. Russia, Iran, Syria and other groups are the local enemies of IS. The United States is carrying out its duties. But now it is time for withdrawal.’

Reiterating that the United States is not the policeman of the Middle East, Trump claimed that the United States had spent millions of dollars for the security of the Gulf since last many years. The United States does not need to stay in a region where no one has complimented the United States despite losing thousands of its citizens. Trump also said that other countries could take responsibility for that region. President Trump even claimed that Russia, Iran, Syria and many other concerned groups are not happy with the US withdrawal.

It has been revealed that President Trump has instructed the defence department for prompt action for withdrawal of the military following the announcement. The White House has released an independent clarification regarding the president’s stand. The clarification says that even if the US military is coming back home, the international campaign against terrorism in the region is not over.

The political opponents have severely criticised the Trump announcement and have said that withdrawal from Syria is a major blunder. Some of the congressmen have even made a sarcastic remark ‘Should this be considered as a victory for Russia?’.

But Russia has given a very cautious reaction regarding the US withdrawal from Syria. Although Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed the decision by Trump, he pointed out that the withdrawal has not started yet. He also pointed out that the United States had announced the withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan, but in reality, it never happened. Israel and the Kurdish rebels have expressed displeasure over the US decision. Israel referred to the US decision as unfortunate while reiterating that the Israeli action in Syria will continue. The Kurdish rebels have said that this can severely hamper the conflict against IS.

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