Flames of war against IS will reduce US to cinders, IS affiliate warns US President

Third World War

Washington: An IS-linked organisation has issued a warning to the US President over the announcement of the victory achieved by the United States against IS in Syria. ‘IS had aggravated in the Middle East following the withdrawal from Iraq during the Obama regime. Trump is repeating the same mistake and the flares that the IS will create following the US troops withdrawal from Syria will reduce the United States to cinders.’

Flames of war A week ago, President Trump announced gradual withdrawal of the US military from Syria. It is claimed that this military withdrawal from Syria will take nearly four months. An organisation affiliated to IS published a video about this US military withdrawal. The video has been released on a website connected to IS and organisation has reminded that the decision of President Trump pertaining to IS will have serious repercussions.

The IS affiliated organisation has included the video of Obama announcing the US military withdrawal from Iraq. The IS affiliate criticised Obama saying, ‘The United States was under the impression that the Iraqi groups cannot fight the United States. Obama announced military withdrawal based on this assumption. But this US withdrawal was accepting defeat.’ The Trump decision of withdrawal will also have the same fate. The organisation has claimed that the IS and other terrorist organisations will emerge stronger because of this withdrawal.

The video threatens that the US people taking the Jewish side need to understand that whether you remain in Syria or withdraw, we will strike the United States. Soon you will hear the sounds of our feet. The conflict has just started. We only will emerge victorious in the conflict. No one can stop the IS till such time that we strike the Italian capital of Rome.’

The video shows White house, the official residence of the US President engulfed in flames and exploding. The video also has a mention of the statements by senior US senator Graham Lindsey opposing US President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria. Graham had warned that even if the Syrian conflict is burdening the United States, withdrawal from Syria will allow the IS to flareup.

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