Iranian patrol ships fire rockets towards US aircraft carrier

Third World WarWashington: Iran with a bolstered confidence due to the US withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan had challenged the US aircraft carrier deployed in the Persian Gulf. Nearly 30 patrol vessels of the Iranian navy fired rockets at the US aircraft carrier sailing through the Persian Gulf. The representative of an international news agency sailing on board the US aircraft carrier revealed the information.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had threatened, not to allow a single drop of oil to pass through the Persian Gulf if the United States stopped the Iranian oil exports through stringent sanctions. In view of this, two weeks ago, the United States despatched the aircraft carrier USS John Stennis along with its fleet of warships for the security of the oil movement. As per the representative of an international news agency the Iranian patrol ships fired rockets at the aircraft carrier while it was sailing towards the naval base in Bahrain.

Iran, rocket, us aircraft carrierThe rockets launched by the Iranian patrol ships did not land near the US warships. But after this, nearly 30 patrol vessels of the Revolutionary guards chased the USS John Stennis and its fleet of destroyers. One of the patrol vessels launched a drone to survey the USS John Stennis. The news agency informed that the Iranian official on the patrol vessel operating the drone was taking photographs and recording videos of the USS John Stennis. The Iranian mouthpieces have not disclosed any information regarding the operation about USS John Stennis.

The Revolutionary Guards started war exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, a few hours before the sailing of the US warship through the Persian Gulf. Different units of the Revolutionary Guards participated in these exercises. A senior Iranian official warned, ‘There is no threat to any country from the Iranian exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. But if any of Iran’s enemies are preparing to attack to fulfil their evil objectives, Iran will retaliate aggressively. The war exercises in the Strait of Hormuz are being held with this objective.’

Meanwhile, the war exercises in the Strait of Hormuz are increasing the tension in the region. Iran had conducted a live firing exercise in this marine region with more than 60 patrol vessels. Iran has already deployed a big fleet of destroyers and patrol vessels from the Arabian Sea till the Indian Ocean to block the Persian Gulf. In view of this, the aircraft carrier, USS John Stennis has been deployed in the Persian Gulf.

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