UFOs had interfered with the US nuclear systems, claims former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo

UAP,UFO,Alien,Luis Elizondo,Pentagon,AATIP,Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program,UAPTF,Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task ForceWashington – Former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo made a sensational claim that the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are interested in nuclear energy and other related factors, and they had interfered in the US nuclear systems. Elizondo has worked as the Director of the group formed by the US defence department to study UFOs. Therefore, a statement coming from him becomes significant. Since the last few years, certain US officials and Congressmen are consistently raising the issue of aliens and UFOs. Based on that, the intelligence committee of the US Senate had asked for a report regarding UFOs from the Director of National Intelligence. This unclassified report will be presented in the US Congress in the next few days. Against this background, the issue of aliens and UFOs has once again come on the anvil in the US circles. Leading US media is interviewing former Presidents, Congressmen and former pilots from the US defence forces. Elizondo was the Director of the group Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). During an interview with the leading US daily Washington Post, he mentioned the alien interference in the nuclear systems.


Elizondo made a sensational claim, ‘Aliens and the UFOs were interested in US nuclear technology. Moreover, they also could interfere with the technology. There is evidence to prove this. There have been instances of US nuclear weapons going offline. There have also been occasions when the US nuclear weapons went offline, and the nuclear weapons and the related systems were activated in the foreign countries. There have been more than one such incidents.’

UAP,UFO,Alien,Luis Elizondo,Pentagon,AATIP,Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program,UAPTF,Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task ForceIn 2017, the US defence department conceded that research was being carried out regarding UFOs for the first time. The US defence department had formed a particular group and collected information regarding this between 2007 and 2017. After that, in 2017 and 2018, the US media and some other groups broadcasted videos showing the UFOs. Finally, in September 2019, the US navy confessed that the videos were authentic.

Only last month, Senior US Senator Marco Rubio made an insistent demand that this issue should be taken very seriously. After that, former President Barack Obama also had mentioned about UFOs.

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