Taliban warns Turkey to withdraw military

Kabul – ‘Afghanistan and Turkey share historical relations. We want the friendly cooperation with Turkey to continue. But Turkey should withdraw the military deployment made in Afghanistan. Since the last 20 years, as a NATO member, along with its other NATO allies.’ Thus, the Taliban issued a stern warning to Turkey to withdraw from Afghanistan.


2020 Accord,Afghanistan,Taliban,Turkey,NATO,KabulThere are 500 Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan. Turkey had proposed To NATO that the Turkish deployment be retained even after the NATO military withdrawal. Turkey had suggested that this deployment will be for security of the Kabul international airport. As per the reports, Turkish President Recep Erdogan will be holding talks with US President Joe Biden. But the Taliban dismissed the Turkish proposal before that.

As per the agreement signed with the United States and NATO, it was decided that foreign militaries will be withdrawn from Afghanistan. The Taliban spokesman warned that Turkey being a NATO member, should also leave Afghanistan and its NATO allies. Taliban had also avoided attending the meeting held in Turkey nearly a month ago.

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