Hush-Hush Diplomacy to start between US and Israel

Rome: – The United States and Israel have indicated establishing new diplomatic cooperation on Iran nuclear deal. A meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the United States and Israel will be held in Rome in Italy for this purpose. At this time, ‘Hush-Hush Diplomacy,’ meaning political discussions, will occur confidentially. It is claimed that discussions will be held to formulate a strategy to isolate Iran on the nuclear deal issue. 24 hours ago, the US Secretary of State has indicated this, with a warning to Iran.   


Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unhappy over the efforts of US President Joe Biden to revive the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu had claimed that these negotiations would not stop the Iran nuclear program. The former Israeli Prime Minister announced that Israel would not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, with or without support from the United States. This had created intense differences between Israel and the Biden administration. But Naftali Bennett, who took over as the Prime Minister of Israel only two weeks ago, has announced that efforts will be made to improve relations with the United States.  

Two days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that a new chapter of discussions could start between Israel and the United States regarding the Iran nuclear deal. It is being said that the visit of the Israeli Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, to Italy was also based on the new cooperation with the United States. An important meeting is scheduled to be held between Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on Iran and Gaza Strip, at Rome, the Italian capital.   

Reports are being received that this meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Israel and the United States is a part of ‘Hush-Hush Diplomacy’. It is being said that the discussions in the meeting will be for achieving smaller objectives without keeping any major goal. There is a possibility that a decision to restart the protracted talks between Israel and Palestine may also be taken during the meeting. At the same time, the United States may announce financial aid for the Iron dome air defence system, which played an important role in the conflict against Hamas.   

A few hours ago, while on his visit to France, the US Secretary of State had warned that Iran has minimal time to join the nuclear deal. With this warning to Iran, the United States has given indications of cooperating with the Bennett-Lapid government in Israel.   

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