Israeli fighter jets can dash up to Iran: Chief of Israeli intelligence

Jerusalem/Washington: – Eli Cohen, Chief of Israeli intelligence ministry, issued a stern warning that Israel is not concerned with the diplomatic negotiations regarding the Iran nuclear deal. Under any circumstances, it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Israeli fighter jets can reach up to Iran. Whereas Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, said that Israeli security cannot depend on a nuclear deal, which it is not a part of. Both these Israeli warnings seem to be directed to the Biden administration, along with Iran.  


US President Joe Biden has announced that the nuclear deal signed with Iran will be revived. Intense reactions are being received from Israel regarding these moves of the Biden administration to sign the nuclear deal with Iran. Eli Cohen, Chief of the Israeli intelligence ministry, reprimanded that any agreement signed between the United States and Iran will not bind to Israel.  

‘People thinking of short-term gains should think of the long-term effects; a wrong agreement can push the world into the ditch of a war. Therefore, Israel will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran cannot be safe from Israeli attacks. Cohen warned that the Israeli fighter jets could reach anywhere in the Middle East and easily dash into Iran.   

Cohen appealed that if Iran is prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons, the international community should stop Iranian Uranium enrichment and ballistic missile program. At the same time, the assistance received by the terrorist organisations in this sector, from Iran, should be stopped.  

Along with the chief of the Israeli Intelligence ministry, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Gilad Erdan, also clarified that Israel would not commit to the agreement signed in the Vienna meeting. Erdan made a suggestive statement that to counter the threats in the Middle East, Israel has a right to self-defence and the Biden administration has accepted the Israeli right.   

Meanwhile, the negotiations between the United States and Iran have entered the fourth week. The negotiations will start again on Monday. It is claimed that the Biden administration has expressed willingness to withdraw all the sanctions imposed during the times of former President Donald Trump. The media claims that Iran is also expecting the same thing. The Israeli warnings are coming against this background. 

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