US expresses human rights violations concern at Pakistan’s actions against MQM supporters in Karachi

Washington/Karachi – The US will support the efforts of restoring law and order in Karachi city of Pakistan. However the US expecting to carry out such activities within the bounds of law and have expressed their concerns over the human rights violations in the Karachi city. At the same MQMtime, the US is keenly observing the proceedings in Karachi, stated the US Ministry for foreign affairs. Post the instigating speech on August 22 by Altaf Hussain, the leader of political group ‘Muttahida Quami Movement’ (MQM), Pakistan has initiated stern actions over this political group. On this background the US has released warning.


Pakistan is like a cancer to the entire world and the epicentre point of all terrorism, across the world, remarked Altaf Hussain fiercely apart from condemning the actions by Pakistani army on their party activists, Altaf Hussain showed his inclination of taking support from India, US and Israel to retaliate against the Pakistani army. Altaf Hussain had also ordered MQM activists to attack Pakistani news channels which blacked out the political group. Later few news channel offices were attacked.

Altaf Hussain’s instigating speech caused stern repercussion within Pakistan. Within past few days the Pakistani army arrested ‘MQ’ leaders and also intensified their previously ongoing actions against the activists of this political group which is ranked fourth in Pakistan. There has also been news of ‘MQ’ offices being sealed. However ‘MQM’ leader Farooq Sattar having declared their group does not agree with the policies of Altaf Hussain residing in London, tried to calm down the situation. Henceforth party decisions will be taken from Karachi and not from London, said Sattar.

MQMThe clarification given by Farooq Sattar and other ‘MQM’ leaders haven’t had any impact on anyone in Pakistan. The actions on this political party are ongoing and the Pakistani army and system is targeting the party workersus while keeping the law out of bounds, claimed state ‘MQM’ leaders and activists. The concern expressed by the US Ministry for Foreign Affairs over the situation in Karachi will prove very crucial.

‘MQM’ renowned to be the group of ‘Muhajirs’ who migrated from India to Pakistan after partition, has its dominance in Karachi, Hyderabad and other major cities of Sind province. Pakistani army has been always looking upon this political group with suspicion who has established a place for themselves in politics since the decade of 1980. Altaf Hussain had to take refuge in London on grounds of security else Pakistani army would not have left him alive, claims this political group. 

However it is claimed, after the speech of August 22, Altaf Hussain does not have the same stature in the group as before while some others claim the stranglehold of Altaf Hussain still persists. However Altaf Hussain is proving successful in seeking the attention over the actions taken on their group and gaining the sympathy of a super power like the US.

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