The US warns Pakistan that the ‘FATF’ list yet to be finalised

Washington/Islamabad: The Pakistani Foreign Minister announced that the efforts to include Pakistan in the ‘Watch List’, in the ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FATF) meeting to be held in Paris, have been thwarted. Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja has been bragging about Pakistan’s efforts being successful in the matter. But, the Spokesperson for the US Department of State has advised Pakistan not to set off celebrations early as the final decision on the issue is yet to be done.


pakistan, fatf, usThe proposal to include Pakistan in the ‘Watch List’ was brought up by the United States and Britain. Germany and France too had supported the proposal. Pakistan had panicked because of the development. If Pakistan is included in the ‘FATF’ list, it will not get any foreign investment, loans from any financial institutions and all other aid will stop. Pakistan, restless by these developments, had started political efforts in order to prevent this inclusion. Pakistani Foreign Minister claimed to have succeeded in these efforts.

‘We are thankful to the countries that helped us in thwarting the efforts to include Pakistan in the list‘, Asif went on to announce. The US Department of State has reacted to this statement. Spokesperson for the US Department of State, Heather Nauert, said that the decision on this will be taken after two days. Therefore, Pakistan should not hastily celebrate the crisis, taunted Heather.

Meanwhile, some study groups opined that the United States should not put Pakistan in the ‘FATF’ list. As this can be the cause for the United States losing its influence with Pakistan and the country will completely come under the Chinese influence, say these study groups.

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