Complaint lodged in Pakistan against US drone attack

Islamabad, Dt.30, (News agency) – The family of Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour’s driver has registered a complaint against the US in a Pakistani police station. The US has killed my brother and this is terrorism, alleged the brother of ‘Mohammed Azam’ who was killed in the US drone attack.‘Mohammed Azam’ who was killed in the US drone attack.


Ten days ago, the US had launched a drone attack on the vehicle of the Taliban leader Mullah Mansor, in Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Along with Mansour, two  other persons  were killed in this attack. The attack allegedly killed one more terrorist apart from the driver, Mohammed Azam.   

But Azam’s brother, ‘Mohammed Kasim’ has dismissed the accusations against his brother. Azam was not a terrorist and had no links with Taliban. He was innocent, claims Kasim. Moreover, Kasim insists that the US  killed his brother for no reason at all and that he wants justice in this matter. Although Kasim blames the US for the drone attack, he has not accused or named any particular person.  

Although Pakistan had rejected the claim that the US drone attack could have killed Mansoor, it has had to accept it two days back. Pakistan summoned the US ambassador over the US drone attack issue and demanded that in the future US drones or fighter planes not cross the air space of Pakistan and not challenge its territorial sovereignty.

Meanwhile, although Pakistan has expressed discontent over the US drone attack, it is going all out to ensure that there be no strain in its relations with US.

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