US will declare Pakistan a terror sponsor, after withdrawing army from Afghanistan: US analyst Michael Rubin

Washington: Analyst Michael Rubin has inferred that Pakistan’s importance for the United States will be over after military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Therefore, the United States will declare Pakistan as a terror sponsor state. This claim by Michael Rubin, former official with the US security headquarters Pentagon. Currently, an analyst with the American Enterprise Institute will certainly send chills down the Pakistan spine. Earlier, analysts and journalists in Pakistan had warned that the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan would be perilous for Pakistan.


Last year, the United States signed an agreement with Taliban and announced military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Joe Biden, who took over the reins of the United States from Donald Trump, retained the decision to withdraw the military from Afghanistan. But Biden announced that the military withdrawal would be completed on 11th September instead of 1st May. Journalists and analysts from Pakistan, supporting the extremists, expressed satisfaction. They said that super-power the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan is a major victory for the Taliban. The extremists also dreamt that the Taliban would take control over Afghanistan quickly and a fierce battle can be sparked against India.US will declare Pakistan a terror sponsor, after withdrawing army from Afghanistan: US analyst Michael Rubin

Rubin warned, But the importance of Pakistan to the United States will be finished with the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan; Pakistan will have to face destructive effects of the development. He further claimed that while the military was deployed in Afghanistan, the United States needed the right way to reach the supplies to the military. After this need is over, the United States can declare Pakistan as a terror sponsor country. If Taliban carried out some dangerous activities, the public opinion will go against Pakistan, the supporter of Taliban. US lawmakers also will adopt a harsh stand against Pakistan. After that, pressure will increase on the department of state from the US Congress to declare Pakistan as a terror sponsor country.

Rubin added that in the United States, Pakistan supporters would lobby hard to avoid this, but it will not bear any fruits. Rubin advised that, therefore, Pakistan should make preparations to join Iran, Syria and North Korea. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, US Senator Jack Reid had fired rounds of criticism against Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban could succeed against the United States only because of the safe shelters in Pakistan. The United States did not attack these safe havens of Taliban in Pakistan. This benefited Taliban. Pakistan was playing the war from both sides. Jack Reid said that with this Pakistan betrayed the United States and ignoring that was the biggest mistake of the United States. The accusations levelled by the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee of the United States indicate hardening of the US stand regarding Pakistan. At the same time, it is also becoming clear that the United States is increasing pressure on Pakistan.

The United States wants a base in Pakistan. It is claimed that the United States plans to monitor Afghanistan from this military base. But suppose Pakistan made the base available to the United States. In that case, there is a danger of Pakistan losing everything achieved by playing the double war game, betraying the United States. Taliban will start treating Pakistan as its enemy. At the same time, Iran and China will bitterly oppose Pakistan. If Pakistan refuses to allot a military base to the United States, the Pakistan economy will sink further. Also, as claimed by Rubin, the United States could declare Pakistan as a terror sponsor country. The United States is making Pakistan aware of this in all possible ways.

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