Pakistan is a ‘terror state’ and a cancer for the entire world: Pakistan’s MQM chief

Pakistan is a ‘terror state’ and a cancer for the entire world: Pakistan’s MQM chief

London / Karachi : “Pakistan is a terror state. Pakistan is cancer for the world. Pakistan will surely be destroyed to pieces,” such derogatory statements were made by the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) chief, who later apologized for the same. On Monday, via his address from London, Altaf Hussain passed such shrewd comments and instigated his supporters to attack offices of TV channels in Pakistan. Shortly after that, attacks began in Karachi on the offices of GEO News, Samaa TV and ARY. Under such backdrop, Altaf Hussain subsequently, has apologized.


In Karachi, Pakistani paramilitary force – ‘Rangers’ are in operation. The supporters of the MQM party are being targeted. Over the last few weeks, some supporters of the party are found missing from Karachi, whereas there have been reports of murder of a few of them. Hence, infuriated by this, Altaf Hussain had incited his followers to take to violent actions. In Karachi, the party workers to protest against this injustice had taken to hunger strike. During this hunger strike, Hussain made such a blunt, anti-Pakistan speech.

In his address via London, Hussain called Pakistan a ‘terror state’. He also stated that Pakistan is the ‘cancer for the world’ and soon Pakistan will not be spared from its own disintegration. By stating this, he has embodied the fragility of the present political scenario in Pakistan. On a fiery note, he even threatened that given an opportunity he would bury the Rangers 40 times, who shot his party workers. It has to be noted that not so long ago, Altaf Hussain castigated the media channels GEO News, Samaa TV and ARY news for not giving coverage to his news. He instigated his followers to attack these media channels of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a ‘terror state’ and a cancer for the entire world: Pakistan’s MQM chief

Post his hate speech, the offices of the mentioned news channels were ransacked by the activists of the party, resulting in 1 death at the ARY channel office. A mob of nearly 2000 people orchestrated this attack, as per the reports. For this, Altaf Hussain has been severely condemned across Pakistan. Pakistani forces have detained the leaders and supporters of the party, as per the news sources. Altaf Hussain’s residence in Karachi and the MQM head office have been sealed. Later on Tuesday, Altaf Hussain apologised to the people and military establishment of Pakistan.

He said that in the last few days, he was under tremendous mental stress due to the extra judicial assaults on the innocent activists of the MQM party. He also said that such remarks had been mouthed only under emotional turmoil. He also pledged to never utter such hate comments again and asked for forgiveness. Despite his apology, his inflammatory speech has had a detrimental impact on Pakistan. A case is filed against Altaf for treason for his anti-Pakistan speech. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had called an urgent meeting to declare stern action to be taken against MQM. Meanwhile, Altaf Hussain and MQM have been the targets of the Pakistan Army, as per the accusations. The former MQM chief Mustafa Kamal was made to defect by the Pakistan Army, causing a major swirl within the strongest party in Karachi.

Accusations from Pakistan claim that Altaf Hussain is an agent of India and Israel. MQM is known to draw support from the migrants from India who have settled in Pakistan during the partition. Despite having a respectable niche within the Pakistani politics, the country’s security agencies have always seen MQM with suspicion. Hence, this could be the plot to end MQM’s political presence and could have also caused Mustafa Kamal’s defection from the party, as accused by the MQM. But party activists point to the fact that MQM has grown, strong facing many such shocks and coercions in the past as well..

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  1. Nikhil Bhalwankar   August 29, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Pakistan’s MQM chief himself is saying this. Strong action is needed against Pakistan. pakistan is the house of terrorism.


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