US to have new troop deployment in Afghanistan to ensure safe exit: Pentagon

Washington/Kabul: – US President Joe Biden has announced military withdrawal from 1st May. But Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that before starting this withdrawal, the United States would newly provide for the security of the soldiers. Simultaneously, Kirby warned that if US soldiers get attacked while the retreat is in process, there will be fierce retaliation.

President Biden announced the military withdrawal saying that the objectives in Afghanistan have been achieved. President Biden said that US military withdrawal would begin from 1st May and be complete by 11th September. Along with 2,500 US soldiers, 7,000 NATO soldiers also will be withdrawn at the same time. But Taliban, infuriated with this announcement, has threatened to launch attacks on the western soldiers.

Against this background, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby informed that additional deployments would be made before starting the withdrawal while talking to the media. Kirby said that they have seen the intensity of Taliban threats. Therefore, their threats cannot be ignored. At the same time, Kirby also threatened that the Taliban should not forget the warning issued by President Biden and Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin that there will be a fierce retaliation if the US or allied soldiers are attacked.

Atleast 50 people were killed in the encounter between the Taliban and the Afghan military within 24 hours of the US military withdrawal announcement. It is claimed that these include 42 Taliban terrorists. In another action taken by the Afghan army, 20 Afghan soldiers were rescued from Taliban detention.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Mohaqiq, advisor to the Afghan President, expressed concerns over the US military withdrawal. Mohaqiq warned that this US military withdrawal could push Afghanistan into the ditch of civil war and terrorist organisations will emerge stronger.

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